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The Litter Picker Team

Nansledan Community Association has recently invested in litter picking kits so that we can encourage our residents to come and join us on litter picking days around Nansledan. These days tend to be immediately after bin day, as that is when we see an increase in litter around the estate. Our litter picking activities have increased and we are looking at ways to encourage more residents to come and join us. We are pleased to see that our younger generation are already getting the litter picking bug.  

Meet Eli and Teddy. The brothers live in Nansledan and both go to Nansledan School.  Mum Charlotte said, “Eli goes to an afterschool group called ‘outdoor learning’ on a Tuesday.  It is run by Ms Durston and they do a variety of activities and more recently they made bird feeders!   Teddy is part of the schools eco council, which is a brand new group where each class will put forward a number of children who meet and they are tasked to come up with ways to make the school more eco conscious!”. It is through Eli’s Outdoor Learning group that they saw the benefits of picking up litter to help ensure the local environment is kept clean, tidy and safe for all including the animals.   Eli was given a Voucher for Christmas and went out and bought himself a litter picker.  

Teddy, Eli and Charlotte joined the Nansledan Litter Picker Team on Saturday 27th January.   We were also joined by Sarah one of our wonderful volunteers who regularly helps out with events where she can. 

If you see us out and about please stop and have a chat. We are easy to spot wearing our new Hi Viz vests sponsored by Newquay Towan Blystra. Even better join us and help to keep our community tidy and cared for.

We are hoping to encourage more people to come and join our group of volunteers and it is hoped we can have a regular social evening to thank them for the great work they do to help bring our community together.  Without our wonderful volunteers we would not be able to run the events.  Being a volunteer is also a great way to get to know more of your neighbours.  So if you are interested in becoming a volunteer please get in touch with us by using our contact form here.

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